How to Distribute Your Tax Dollars to the Students of Snider Hockey

Pennsylvania Tax Credit Programs


Educational Improvement Organization (EIO)

In 2016, only 32% of Philadelphia students who took the PSSA tests scored proficient or advanced in reading level.

At Snider Hockey, 74% of students maintain grade level reading or above.

Students at Snider Hockey participate in academic sessions and the Reading Buddies program to promote literacy and instill a love for reading at an early age. The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation is a registered EITC Educational Improvement Organization (EIO). Businesses in Pennsylvania can receive up to a 90% tax credit by making a contribution to an approved EIO charity.


School Scholarships (SO & OSTC) 

The four year graduation rate of Philadelphia district schools was 66% in 2016 compared to the national rate of 82%.

Among Snider Hockey students, 99% graduate on-time and 85% continue on to post-secondary programs.

Snider Hockey has partnered with the BLOCS program to create a proprietary fund specific to Snider Hockey families and students interested in attending local Philadelphia parochial high schools.

BLOCS is an independent charitable organization supported primarily by businesses through the EITC Scholarship Organization (SO) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs to establish scholarships to families in need.


Application Process: Businesses & Individuals

The Pennsylvania tax credit programs allow for Pennsylvania businesses to redirect tax dollars to an approved Educational Organization, such as Snider Hockey and the BLOCS program. 

If you are a business looking to apply for Pennsylvania's Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) or Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit program, click here. Businesses can apply for up to $750,000 worth of tax credits.

To learn more about redirecting your personal tax dollars to Snider Hockey and our partner organizations, please contact Development at 215-952-4157 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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