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In spring of 2013, Snider Hockey began a partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, in an effort to instill the importance of health and wellness in our students. With the support of the Alliance, Snider Hockey has been able to deliver nutrition and wellness education at our rinks, as a part of our After School Excellence Program, and at all Snider Hockey summer camps.

It is Snider Hockey's goal to continue to facilitate nutrition education at our rinks, in an effort to help our students develop healthy habits, both on and off the ice. All programming offer by Snider Hockey is fact-based and highlights many national nutritional guidelines. Each lesson teaches key messages and behavior goals that are delivered in the form of group discussion, hands-on learning activities, and recipe making. Snider Hockey coaches who deliver nutrition exercises have all been trained by the Alliance.

Curricula that have been used in Snider Hockey's nutrition education programming thus far include:

• Food & Fun After School, developed by the Harvard School of Public Health
• Up For The Challenge, a Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Curriculum offered by the 4-H/Army Youth Development Project

Snider Hockey is constantly working with the Alliance to offer new and engaging nutrition programming at our rinks.