Middle School Program

Choosing a school is an extremely important decision that can have ripple effects in your child’s educational outcomes. In Philadelphia, there are over 100 high schools that each have their own advantages and disadvantages, requirements, deadlines, etc. Snider Hockey seeks to support middle school studies and their families through the high school application process.

College and Career Corner

The College and Career Corner is Snider's resource for postsecondary prep assistance. Middle school students and families have the opportunity to meet with a Postsecondary Counselor for guidance with exploring and selecting schools, applying to area high schools, and financial aid. Information about scholarships, high school open houses and fairs, and other local events are available. At College and Career Corner you can also meet with a Postsecondary Counselor to complete your required check in meetings (middle school students must have at least two meetings each year). The College and Career Corner is open to all students, but specifically targeted toward students in grades 7th – 12th.

High School Programs

Planning for life after high school is integral to success throughout life. Whether your child is interested in college, trade school, military, a year of service, or something else, Snider is here to be a support system at every stage of the way. Snider hopes to expose all of its students to the full spectrum of educational and professional opportunities available in the years leading up to being a senior, so that every student makes the best choice for him- or herself.

College Nights

These special events held throughout the school year bring local college ice hockey teams to one of our rinks to help with practice. The student-athletes’ presence allows our participants to imagine themselves in college in the future, possibly even as a college hockey player, which can be significant.

Info Sessions

Local colleges, universities, and trade schools are invited to come to our rinks and meet our students and families. This is a great opportunity to present information about a school or program and to be available to answer questions from students or family members.

Campus Visits

All 9th through 12th grade Snider students are required to attend at least one campus visit each school year (8th graders who wish to attend a campus visit are also welcome). Snider organizes visits to colleges in the area that often include a presentation, tour of campus, and lunch in a dining hall. Visits are scheduled in the summer and throughout the school year.

College Class Experience

A few times throughout each school year, Snider takes students to local universities to sit in and participate in college classes. To primed for the experience, interested students attend three prep workshops at their home rink to review the assigned readings and homework before they enter the classroom.

a group of kids in hockey gear pose on an ice rink