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What is U35: Young Friends and Fans of Snider Hockey?

Affectionately and simply called “U35”, this is a subscription donation platform for our friends and fans ages 18-35 that share two passions: helping others and hockey! After receiving an overwhelming amount of generous offers to help both financially and with your time, we created U35 to meet your specific abilities and interests to support the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation.


How does it work?

U35 is a $10 monthly subscription platform for those ages 18-35. Each subscriber is entered into monthly drawings for awesome Snider Hockey and Flyers prizes, access to exclusive experiences such as tailgates, happy hours, and viewing parties… and you just might win club box seat tickets to Philly sport games and concerts! Not bad for $10 a month. You also have the option to complete one payment of $120 for the entire year.


Why $10?

We understand you are faced with over-the-top student loans, high rent prices, and many of you are waiting for your first big promotions or are negotiating your first salary raise (#BossLife). We don’t want these reasons to block your ability to help the 3,000 students involved in Snider Hockey. The minimum monthly subscription is $10, but as you grow in your finances and generosity, you can grow with U35! Subscribers can donate up to $50 per month. Generosity is always better when you do it with a community of other great people! That’s why your subscription gives you access to great experiences that are perfect for after-work activities, a fun Friday night, or with a group of friends on game-day.


What if I don’t have $10 to give every month?


 Think of it this way… your U35 monthly subscription costs the same as two craft beers, one streaming service, 2-3 specialty coffee drinks, or one late-night impulse buy on your favorite free shipping site.


What if I’m older than 35?

We have lots of other great ways to give generously, participate in a variety of annual events, or bid on our auction items! Once you are older than 35, you will not qualify to be in the U35 community, receive the prizes, or participate in the experiences.


But how will they really know my age?

Dude. Don’t. But…We will ask for your birthdate on the payment form. If you win a prize, you will be required to show a legal state ID upon receipt of prize. If you are not between the ages of 18-35, you will forfeit your right to receive the prize. You are not allowed to have someone else subscribe for you on your behalf in order to qualify. If you are not within the age bracket, you are not allowed to have someone else within the age bracket to pick up the prize on your behalf. Again… Dude. Don’t.


I don’t want to cancel, but I need to cancel. What do I do? 

Give us a call! Reach the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation Development Office at 215-952-4125.U35Trophy


Anything else?

Yes, and it’s really great! Prior to his passing, our founder Ed Snider had the foresight to provide us with the means to continue his policy of matching every dollar Snider Hockey receives.  And – all support that we receive from new donors will be matched 3:1. 

So, consider the impact of your membership donation doubled and -- if you’re new -- quadrupled

Contact Us

Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation
3601 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA  19148

Programs: 215-952-5271
Development: 215-952-4125
E-Mail: info@sniderhockey.org

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