High-Performing High Schools

Through an easy process, donors can convert their Pennsylvania tax liability into scholarships that will allow Snider Hockey students to receive partial or full scholarships to high-performing private high schools through the BLOCS program.

Through a simple online agreement, participants in this program join a special-purpose LLC and agree to re-direct their PA State tax liability of at least $7,000 for two consecutive years to one of Snider Hockey’s partner organizations, Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools (BLOCS).   Donors then receive a tax credit through Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) or Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs, and BLOCS will create scholarships in your name for Snider Hockey students for whom this opportunity would otherwise be unaffordable. 

If your Pennsylvania tax debt due is greater than $7,000, please consider contacting your tax advisor at your earliest convenience to check the feasibility of participating in the program.  
The benefits of doing so include:

  • A charitable tax deduction for the amount of your gift to BLOCS on your federal income taxes
  • A credit towards your Pennsylvania tax liability equal to 90% of your commitment to BLOCS (based on a 2-year commitment)
  • Most importantly, a profound impact on students’ lives at very little personal cost
  • A full 1-year scholarship to a deserving student will be created in your name for every $5,000 that is re-directed

Enrolling children in high-performing private high schools is an impossible dream for most of our families.  By creating scholarships through BLOCS, we can make such dreams possible.  For questions about the BLOCS/Scholarship program, contact Katy Hsieh khsieh@sniderhockey.org or 215.952.4196.