Snider is committed to providing a high level of service and staying engaged with our students outside of regular programming hours. As part of these efforts, our team has created original content to inspire learning and continued improvement.

Please see below for our content archive and be sure to return on a regular basis as this page will be updated frequently!



Under 12


13 & UP


Hockey Skills Playlist:

  • Stickhandling Drills with the SPHL's John Schiavo
  • Stickhandling Hockey Drills with Snider's Coach Nick
  • Balancing Drills with Snider's Coach Justin
  • Goalie Juggling Drill with Snider's Coach Colin
  • Stickhandling Hockey Drill with Snider's Coach Nick
  • PVC/Tube Stickhandling Hockey Drill with Snider's Coach Justin

Lift Skills Playlist:

  • Play of the Month - Resilience
  • Learn How to Make a Healthy Smoothie with Snider's Coach Jeremy
  • Learn How to Make Power Oats with Snider's Coach Jeremy
  • Play of the Month - Respect - (feat. the Lamoureux Twins!)
  • Play of the Month - Courage - (feat. Kevin Hayes)
  • Play of the Month - Integrity - (feat. Alain Vingnneault)